Trekking and Rafting – Zanskar river

Plan :

Treking & Rafting 7 Days In Zangkar River
No. of days Location Timing Staying In Comments
Day -1 Travel from Leh to Singey Pass base by car 11 Hours Singey Pass base Camping in Singey Pass Base
Day-2 Singey Pass base to Neraks
Day-3 Neraks via Takski Pass to Bangtse Camp 6 to 7Hours Neraks Phu Treking
Day-4 Bangtse camp to Shing Lato Camp 4 to 5 Hours Zangla Dok Treking
Day-5 Shing Lato Camp to Zangla Camp 4 to 5Hours Neraks Treking
Day-6 Zangla to Neraks by Rafting 5 to 6 Hours Chilling Rafting
Day-7 Neraks to Chilling/Nimoo by Rafting 6to 7 Hours Leh Rafting

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