Let's climb the himalayas

If it's one thing you'll notice in Ladakh it's the mountains. You will be awestruck by the scenic beauty. Now imagine scaling these peaks. The view from up above is unimaginable. You will be on top of the world. We want to help you scale these mountains and get a chance to experience something beautiful. We can organize the following treks for you.

Markha Valley Trek : A moderate - challenging trek. One of the most popular treks available in this area. (Maximum height - 5000m)

Sham Trek : An easy but beautiful trek for those who don't want something very physically taxing (Maximum height - 3750m)

Zanskar Trek : A challenging trek. But definitely worth the effort. (Maximum height - 5090m)

Tsomoriri Trek : A very challenging and difficult trek. It will be a good test of your physical abilities.

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