Basic Kayaking Course

We'd like to warn you that Kayaking is highly addictive and almost impossible to quit once you start. So be prepared for a life changing experience. Once you learn it, this sport will add charm and give more purpose to your life. GUARENTEED. There's no comparable feeling in the world to being in a rapid and in a Kayak. The rush feels so good, you will get hooked to it. With our world class trainers and equipment, you will run your first rapid in no time

Course Details:

Day 1 : Basic instruction about kayaking, the equipment, safety precautions and how to sit and move around in a kayak in still water.

Day 2 : Improve balancing and paddling technique, teach you supported rescue techniques(T-rescue) and self rescue techniques(Eskimo Roll)

Day 3 : Improvise on Eskimo Roll, Learn Eddie in, Eddie out, Ferry glide and other advanced and necessary kayaking skills.

Day 4 : You are ready for your first rapid ! We'll let you go out there and practice what you've learnt in real situations.

Interested ? Contact us or leave your details with us.

Kayaking Expeditions

What better place than ladakh to explore rivers ? We organize exciting kayaking expeditions for paddlers with different skill levels. Our safety paddlers will accompany you and provide you with support so that you have an enjoyable experience. Kayakers from all over the world visit us. We'd love to host you if you are a kayaker. Do get in touch with us.

Equipment Rental

For experienced paddlers who wish go on the river by themselves we also give out our equipment for rent. We're always ready to help you get on to the river. Do give us a call for the prices.